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3 Recommended Books That You Should Read During Pregnancy


Hi Beautiful Mommies!!

Actually, this article was on the draft from the time I was pregnant. Nearly 2 years ago. I always stop to finishing it. Either because there is another work to be done first or I forget to continue writing.
Finally, I published this blog post. This is about 3 Recommended Books That You Should Read During Pregnancy.
When I was pregnant, I had some wishes and plans regarding the birth process and parenting style that I would use. These 3 books that I think are most helpful for realizing that plan. I read these books not only during pregnancy, even after giving birth sometimes I read this book when I need to confirm something (from the contents of the book) that I forgot.
Since I live in Indonesia, most of the books that I will recommend are books from Indonesian authors and in Bahasa Indonesia. There is only 1 book written by an American author and in English. So, what are the books? Let's read more below.

I purchase these 3 books on Google Book. I didn't have a problem reading electronic books. But if you are used to reading printed books, these three books are available in printed versions too. You can search for offline and online bookstores.

Photo Source: Google Books

  • #BebasTakut Hamil Dan Melahirkan (Author: Yesie Aprilia)
Yesie Aprilia is a midwife, activist of Gentle Birth. She has blog BidanKita. Her blog contains knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth, and gentle birth. From the beginning of my pregnancy, I had liked to read her blog. Because it was my first pregnancy and I felt I had to read a lot to fill in my knowledge. What Yesie wrote on her blog has a clear source of information. He even included research and journals to support her article.
This book kinda a summary of her blog. It contains information about pregnancy and childbirth. Self-empowerment during pregnancy so that you are ready to face the birth process. The contents of this book are divided into 2 parts. Part 1 talks about how Celebrating Your Pregnancy. Discuss how to get through pregnancy properly, prenatal gentle yoga, advice during pregnancy, breathing exercises, preparation for birth and birth plans.
Part 2 talks about Childbirth Comfortably. In this section, we will find out the phases of labor. Special info for childbirth companions. Labor complications. Childbirth is free from fear.
I recommend you to read this book from the first trimester of your pregnancy. So that you can get through pregnancy and childbirth properly.

Photo Source: Google Books

  • Buku Pintar ASI dan Menyusui (Author: F B Monik)
This book contains information about breastfeeding. Discussion about breastfeeding, Lactation Management, Early Breastfeeding Initiation, Breastfeeding Problems, Breast Milk Management, Nutrition for breastfeeding moms and Support for breastfeeding.
I recommend this book for you, who want to give exclusive breastfeeding for your baby. So that you know the knowledge about breastfeeding and can face breastfeeding problems that may occur. Breastfeed is like a riding bicycle. The more often you practice the faster you find balance. This book will help you with the theory before you start the breastfeeding journey.
My sister in law recommends this book to me. She lent me this book even after I was married for a month. She is very visioner, right.

Photo Source: Google Books

  • Belly Laugh (Author: Jenny McCarthy)
For me, this is not the first imported book I read. This is the most entertaining book among other imported books that I have ever read.
It contained the story of a pregnant woman (Jenny McCarty) about her pregnancy. What's special is that the pregnancy story is written with humor. What is written by the author is all that will be experienced during pregnancy. But written in a style that is funny, more honest. Pregnancy is not merely something glamorous. Many people sometimes do not tell this rationally and consciously. Most only complain or give too much positive affirmations.
While reading this I did not stop laughing. No wonder the title of the book is Belly Laugh.

Reading is one of my hobbies. I used to prefer reading novels, romance or science fiction. But since I was pregnant I started reading books about health, pregnancy, and parenting.
I didn't read too many books during pregnancy. Only these 3 books that I finished. For me reading while pregnant is sometimes difficult because of the "Pregnancy Brain". So I think 3 books is enough. Hopefully, the essential things are already in these books.
Hopefully, this blog post helps you guys. Always happy and stay healthy. Thank you for stopping by. Please, if there is a book that you want to recommend, write it in the comments box bellow. See you later!


  1. nice to see your post. penting banget baca buku-buku ini biar kehamilan bisa terjaga :)

    1. Thank you for visiting mba. Kalau ada rekomendasi buku lainnya bisa komen mba :D